Story vs. Marketing: Creative Storytelling for 2017

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There is something incredible that happens when we gather together to share and experience a story. But not just any story will do. The best stories are the ones that move us.

An ancient art is reborn

Overstimulation has a numbing effect on our minds. As a typical person goes about their day, they are bombarded with thousands of marketing messages. We are collectively becoming immune to the wiles of marketers telling us what to buy, how to think, how to act.

Freedom is found in returning back to our roots. We are culturally, naturally, and sociologically driven by stories, and have been for thousands of years. Marketing may be true or false, but stories are real. We can embrace, engage, dive in, and become enveloped by the message of a truly great story in a far more profound way than traditional marketing could have ever achieved. So it’s a good thing that storytelling is now standing in its rightful place. It’s especially good if you happen to be great at telling stories and making them come alive through the format of film.

Who is she?

What is she writing on her hand? That’s a thick, black marker that she’s using. But what does it say? Is it a secret? Is it something I need to know? Is it anything that I would even want to know? Do I care? Will it help me? Will it move me? Will it inspire me? Will it change me? Will it change the world? Am I going to wait to find out? What if I don’t agree with what it says?

Revealing the secret messages we all want to hear

Sometimes the best corporate video communications are the ones that say what we already know. They’re not really secrets, but just words that we wish someone else would say out loud. A little context would be nice too – framing an idea inside of a crystal clear message, wrapped with meaningful truths, all tied up in a beautiful bow of elegance and inspiration. This is the gift that all of us want to give to everyone else in our organizations.

Everyone in your organization needs to hear your message, but how can you get their attention long enough for them to pause, lean in, and really, truly focus on exactly what it is you’re saying? We know the answer to that question, and that is why we get to spend every day doing what we love.

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