Make it mean something.

When you need a to tell a story that demands the highest quality standards, then you need a creative team that meets or surpasses those standards. We’d be honored if you’d include Floodgate Creative in your plans.

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Floodgate Creative – Video Production

Welcome to our Corporate Videography Showcase

Corporate Video Production

We get it. Your identity and your message are important. Whether you’re a tried and true brand, that’s worked hard to establish your place, or you’re up-and-coming, and searching to make your mark, you want to be sure that your image is in good hands.

Make it mean something.

At FGC, our mission is to tell your story, in a clear and compelling way, that’s true to who you are. Over the years, we’ve formed long-lasting partnerships with many groups, who’ve trusted us to help tell the stories of their companies and organizations. Here’s what a few of them have to say about their experience in working with us.

For your {STORY} to matter… It must evoke an emotional response. The most relevant stories {CONNECT} on a personal level. We {INSPIRE} the conversation about your brand. We are connecting {PEOPLE} to the heart of your story. Corporate Storytelling by Floodgate Creative. Make it mean something.