Video Production for the Healthcare Industry

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Video Production for the Healthcare Industry

We provide video production for the healthcare industry. We don’t just market your company, we tell your story. Through storytelling, we can embrace, engage, dive in, and become enveloped by the message of a truly great story in a far more profound way than marketing could have ever achieved.

Valley Children’s Hospital

Valley Children’s Healthcare provides health services to the children and families of Central California. They’re known for their skill and sympathetic kindness, and for good reason. But this fun video highlights the fact that they’re also one of the best workplaces in the United States – a prestigious award given by The Advisory Board Company. The annual award is given to 20 organizations nationwide and recognizes hospitals and healthcare networks with outstanding levels of employee engagement. And even Justin Timberlake (and his team) saw the video and loved it!

Saint Agnes Medical Center

Every year, hospitals around the United States celebrate “Hospital Week”. Inspired by a fun video we created for Valley Children’s Healthcare, Saint Agnes created their own version of a lip sync video, designed specifically to show at their big rally at the end of the week. When the doctors, nurses, and administrative staff viewed it in a theater setting, they applauded so much that they showed it again! This is truly an amazing group of individuals who are called into this difficult and challenging profession.