Have you ever experienced a real-life situation in your organization and thought, “I wish more people knew about that?”

Maybe it’s the story of how your organization helped a client get to a place they couldn’t reach on their own. Maybe it’s a story of a person or a group of people who are truly changing some part of the culture around you, around them. Or maybe it’s simply a great story that needs to be told, whether or not you’ve clearly defined the intended viewing audience.

We help you tell impacting stories, and we do so using film as the storytelling mechanism.

We’re a team of skilled and diverse individuals who all bring something unique to the whiteboard. Most of our clients come to us with a big idea for a video-story. Our Creative Team jumps in at that point with brainstorming concepts and ideas, scripting, and interview question development based on the best story-arch. After our clients feel great about the pre-production process, we’ll shoot and edit the film to their unique specifications.


  • Concepting, Scripting, and Story Arch development
  • Interview Question development to fulfill all elements of Story Arch
  • Brainstorm and Whiteboard
  • 4K Cinema Cameras with Professional Grade Lighting Packages
  • 4K Cinema Aerial Photography
  • Color balancing and Audio Processing
  • Professional Audio Recording and Voice-over Narration
  • Project Management throughout Project Lifecycle


We’re artists, so we tend to see the world a little differently. We frame events and stories with a unique perspective, and we desire to share that perspective with other people. It’s our core conviction that this framing – the retelling – can change the culture, and even change the world.

Floodgate Creative differs from its competition by producing film experiences that go beyond the mere presentation of corporate information. It’s one thing to inform, but another thing to inspire.
We are serious professionals when it comes to delivering you high quality film experiences. We are thoughtful in how we present any film experience to you.
We believe that there is an element of inspiration and hope that can be found in every story. Our purpose is to find that element, showcase it, then point people toward an intended call to action.
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