Meet The Team

Gary Molander


Gary Molander is one of two founders and Partners at Floodgate Creative. He is a book author, conference speaker, and thought-leader in the creative culture.

As a philanthropist, Gary is the founder and President of The Floodgate Foundation, a nonprofit organization that funds Third-World Entrepreneurs with small business loans.

A former Pastor of 17 years, Gary’s heart has always been to deeply connect people with the stories they’re living in, helping them see the importance and impact they’re having. He lives passionately, and it’s contagious to those he interacts with. He is a bold risk-taker who is ever in search of a great story to tell.

Gary earned his Bachelor’s degree in Contemporary Ministries in 1985, with a minor in Business Administration. Later in 2005, he earned a Master’s of Arts degree in Creative Leadership.

He has been married to his wife Angela since 1987, and is the father of their three beautiful grown daughters.

Dave Wilkins


An artist, technology enthusiast, and entrepreneur, Dave Wilkins is a Partner at Floodgate Creative. He is the writer, director, and lead visionary behind many short-films.

One of his most notable films – View From Above (starring Hollywood actor Scott William Winters) – has received overwhelming response from viewers. Another short-film “Fumes” has also received recognition among his filmmaking peers.

Dave is a deep, reflective thinker, as seen in his work. He reveals fresh perspectives on common concepts, inviting others to see the world through a new set of lenses.

Before founding Floodgate Creative, Dave earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Art, and spent time working as a creative director in advertising, and as a designer in web and interactive media.

Dave married his high school sweetheart, Candice in 1996. The two have been married for 18 years with three children; Luke, Danielle, and Grant.

Phillip Bergman


Phillip is a gifted cinematographer, editor and drone videographer. As an energetic self-starter with extremely high work ethic, he transformed what started as a hobby in 2009 into a successful career at Floodgate.

He cares deeply about using the beauty and composition of a particular shot to help drive the story forward to make something that is visually stunning.

Phillip Graduated from Fresno State with a degree in Mass Communications & Journalism (Emphasis in Electronic Media Production).

In his spare time, he uses his talents in shooting both pictures and video to support a non-profit organization that serves children in extreme poverty in the most dire places across the globe.

Lorrie Regehr


Lorrie is the logistics behind the creativity at Floodgate. She is the glue that everyone trusts to keep the bills paid and the office operating at high capacity. She is super organized and thoughtful, which is the perfect combination needed to help keep several artists on task.

One of her greatest joys in life is getting to know people and hearing their stories. She loves the fact that she gets to work with “these brilliant guys” and put her administrative talents to work and make these stories come to life.

Lorrie is a happily married mother of three kids and two dogs. Her hilarious sense of humor and laughter is quite contagious, which also makes everyone around her extremely happy.