We’ve been doing this for over a decade, and we’ve learned that clients want a product with the highest standards, but they also want a PROCESS with the same high standards. And that only happens when the right people are part of the team. At Floodgate Creative, the right people:

  • Refuse to become so married to their art that they won’t bend, re-create, or even scrap an entire project.
  • Refuse to become frustrated on a shoot because the conditions don’t remain perfect (hint: the conditions NEVER remain perfect).
  • Are self-starters, and don’t require constant reminders about deadlines, status updates, or creative babysitting.
  • Aren’t secretly a group of freelancers who wear a Floodgate Creative t-shirt when working with the Floodgate owners on a given project. Even though we may hire freelancers to assist our full-time Team a small percentage of the time, our clients always experience OUR Team, on the ground, and throughout the creative process.

The quality standard is high for us, not only with the finished product, but with a smooth, fun, and engaging process all along the way.